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What is the Geo-Metadata Network Suite?

The Geo-Metadata Network Suite is a realization of the vision about geo-metadata (c.f. here).

The Geo-Metadata Network Suite consists of the following components (web applications and open source projects):

  1., the meta-searchengine for the discovery of geospatial data and services (web applications, e.g. with different reader interfaces)
  2. Geometa-Directory, a collection of catalogs for browsing in registered geo-metadata; (web application and Open Source project, e.g. with different reader interfaces)
  3. Geometa-Editor, the database editor for the mangement of own geo-metadata; a catalogue service (web application and Open Source project, e.g. with different reader and writer interfaces)
  4. Geometa-Tools, tools for the integration, conversion (readers/writers) and validation of geo-metadata (web application)
  5. DClite4G, information model (proposal) for the exchange of geo-metadata comatible to CSW/ebRIM (Open Geospatial Consortium), Dublin Core and e.g. Google.

These web applications have been realized and brought to you by GISpunkt/Institut für Software der HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is as compared to INSPIRE Geo-Portal and other GSDI initiatives? os a search engine prototype with a web crawler whereas the above mentioned portals are rather directories or registries, i.e. database catalogs in the sense of OGC's CSW.
What is the difference of searchengine, catalog, registry and directory?
searchengines contain also 'non-registered' geospatial resources as compared to catalogs; they often only have partial (metadata) information but list ranking search results. Registry and directory aren't defined that consisely. Both consist of collections of registered catalogs and/or geospatial resources.
What is OAI-PMH? And how does it differntiate to CSW?
What is DClite4G? And what's the difference to Dublin Core?
See DClite4G.