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Abk. für 'Drawing Exchange Format'.

Ursprünglich proprietäres Speicher- und Austauschformat von AutoCAD. Für den Austausch ist Version 12 empfohlen.



  • OpenJUMP (Java, Open Source) - DXF plugin, AutoCAD ver 8 to 14/2002. difficulties to open big DXF files.
  • OrbisCAD - Open source data editor written in Java. It can open DWG, DXF, DGN, Shape files and PostGIS and save them as Shape file or PostGIS.


  • Lx-Viewer (C, Open Source), dxf/dwg viewer (Linux/Windows), saves files to up to 2002 dwg/dxf version.
  • DXF2SHP.EXE - from Spatial Order, Command line for Windows or DOS to convert DXF to SHP
  • OGR