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Synonym: Database Contest.

See also: "Performance-Vergleich von PostgreSQL, SQLite, db4o und MongoDB" Seminar Database Systems Autumn 2011/2012, Master of Science in Engineering, HSR.

Spatial Database Benchmarks

About Database Performance Benchmarking

Existing DB-Benchmarks:

  • TPC-C for OLTP benchmarks [3].
    • TPC-R & TPC-H (formerly TPC-DS) for data warehouse & decision support systems.
    • TPC-W benchmark for Web-based systems.
  • "The Engineering Database Benchmark" [4].
  • "Open Source Database Benchmark" [5].
  • PolePosition open source database benchmark [6].


A database performance benchmark hast to consider following different aspects:

  1. Cold and warm start (beware that in case of warm start chaching will take place!).
  2. Equality and Range Queries.
  3. Query-Result Sets, which respond with one tupel or which respond more than half of the tupels in the dataset.
  4. Single User versus Multi-user.

Software (Scritps) for benchmark automation:

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