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  • Mobile RSS Reader - RSS Reader is a mobile Java MIDlet J2ME (Java ME) GPL application that runs on Java enabled mobile (cell) phones and devices. User can store multiple RSS/ATOM feeds as bookmarks. Feeds can be imported from OPLM file or HTML file with links. Can read offline.
  • Azure Blog Editor - Azure is a free blog client. It allows you to create and edit posts for your weblog. Supports Movable Type blogs; Post to one or more blogs, on one or more servers; Create new posts; Edit and republish recent posts; Save draft posts locally; Edit new posts and drafts when you're not connected to the Internet; Supports non-English-language blogs.
  • RSS Reader Midlet - The RSS feed reader is an J2ME MIDP application that is able to read most RSS feed versions. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other content like blogs and news. Application features: Add RSS feed bookmarks; Parse RSS feeds; Browse RSS feed headers; Read topics; Import and synchronize RSS feed lists using OPML format; Update all feeds with single command; Open item in device browser.