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See also Geometa Directory.

Definitions (en)

GeoBookmark (en)
Link (URL) which leads directly to information (e.g. an online map or a textual list) about a place and to other geo-spatial information. G. is a bookmark (favorites, hyperlinks, URLs) which points to a location aware website, like !

A G. can also be interpreted as a "Permanent Link" which stores a user defined state (context) of a mapping application. There is also a OGC standard called "Web Map Context" (WMC) which stores such information (especially for WMS clients).

Definitionen (de)

Link (URL), der direkt zu Informationen (als Online-Karte oder textuelle Liste) über einen Ort oder eine andere raumbezogene Informationen führt. G. ist ein Lesezeichen (Favoriten, Hyperlinks, URLs) zu ortsabhängigen Webapplikationen, wie beispielsweise !

Ein G. kann auch interpretiert werden als "permanenter Link", der einen benutzerdefinerten Zustand (Kontext) einer Kartenapplikation speichert. Es gibt einen OGC-Standard namens "Web Map Context" (WMC), der derartige Informationen speichert (z.B. von WMS-Clients).

Examples (en) / Beispiele (de)

Applications which use GeoBookmarks:

  • Websites:
  • Software:
    • QGIS - has a function to store a current state of a project (layers, zoom/view).
    • GPS TrackMaker with some sites (same meaning like Geometa-Directory)
    • JWS Plazes (Java Webstart); they call it 'surfins' but in the same meaning like Geometa-Directory
    • Our Little World spricht von Geo-Bookmark im Sinne eines selber eingegebenen 'Orts-von-Interesse'.
  • Other
    • WebPark - A commercial mobile information system.

Use of GeoBookmarks

GeoBookmarks can be used for the enrichment of Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, Wikimedia, and Blogs and Forum Software, like Wordpress, through it's ability to integrate with Web Maps.

Use Cases for the enrichment of CMS through integration with web maps


  1. Embed coordinates in (= georeference) page and/or paragraph to link to map (use e.g. like Wikipedia WP:GEO template)
    1. textually manually
    2. through a web map (see e.g. [1])
  2. Add and show new static page via RESTfull webservice (GET/POST call)
  3. Extended Search: Show georeferenced articles nearby given coordinates.
  4. Add online web map page

Online Web Map:

  1. Show all georeferenced pages
  2. Add new Marker with link th new static page in CMS (see #2 in CMS frontend)
  3. GeoBookmark: Zoom to where indicated if called with key-value (e.g. <>?lat={lat}&lon={lon})


  1. GeoRSS webservice (variants: last 20 items added, all items)
  2. KML webservice (as network link)
  3. Adapted Error Handling (better than "Your are not allowed to view this page...").

Use Cases for application web maps integrated with CMS

  • Map ev. integrated directly in CMS
  • Add new POI interactively: New entry link is generated (title becomes new article/static page or Wiki-URL).
  • Visualization uses cases like Show POIs on Map, eventually filtered; Show POIs within bounding box on sidebar; Show POIs categories on sidebar, etc. See Google Maps API, or

Alternate Usages

  • Link to a location with information attached to it (as showed in WebPark).