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Specification of a 'modern' CSV with a geometry extension of either two neighboring x/y colums or WKT!

CSV file format specification

  • Encoding is UTF-8 by default.
  • First row contains attribut names, separated by => delimiters.
  • Default delimiters (DELIMITER) is semicolon (;).
  • Strings are enclosed by parantheses, to allow delimiters inside (e.g. "string")
  • ...

Supported data types: See CSVT file format specification.

CSVT file format specification

(see also und der Abschnitt zur .csvt Extension nachgeschaut: „Field/column types are Integer, Real, String, Date ("YYYY-MM-DD"), Time ("HH:MM:SS+nn"), DateTime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS+nn)“.