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How to convert Tiff to GeoTIFF


How to remove the nodata values from a GeoTIFF?

I find many instructions on how to add the values, but none on how to remove them. => There isn't a direct way of accomplishing this. You could extract a work.vrt file, then manually edit it and remove the line(s) with the NoDataValue tags. Then convert back to geotiff:

 % gdal_translate -of VRT your.tif work.vrt
 % gdal_translate work.vrt fixed_your.tif

"cloud optimized" GeoTIFF

General information

creation: GeoTIFF to "cloud optimized GeoTIFF

(According to above talk, 00:11:14)

Create internal overviews (if not already created)

 gdaladdo -r average in.tif 2 4 8 16


 gdal_translate in.tif out.tif \
   -co TILED=YES \

Host result on server supporting HTTP 1.1 Range Requests (Byte Serving). (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure all support this.) uses -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE instead of -co COMPRESS=LZW. According to, either can be used.