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Geospatially Focussed Web Crawling / Spatial Information Retrieval / Geo Information Retrieval / Focussed Web Crawling for Webservices

See also: GeometaInfo


  • How about getting better auto-discovery in the Geo-Web?
  • How about more special search engines for geospatial webservices?
  • Approach: Step 1. a focussed crawler is referred to a webservice given

a (root) geo-website ('see' link) and step 2. the referrer and/or the geo-webservice indicates one or more "friends" ("see also" link, [2]). In other words, a porter points to the webservices - which is like a finding needle in the haystack - and he and the found needles point you to other needles!

These are the proposals I've collected so far:

1. extending robots.txt (see [1]) 2. extending links/META tags in HTML ([1] and [3]) 3. extending (geo-)sitemaps (, and 4. extending OWS' GetCapabilities

P.S. I favor 1,2 and 4. And I know I rather should ask geo-metadata specialists (which I'll do) - but I think this is the right place to start with.