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Geotag your photos, digi and pictures!

Geotagged photo viewing

  • Flickr Map - View uploaded geotagged Flickr photos.
  • Vetravel - Displays Flickr photos on Google map mashup.
  • Panoramio - Photos selber uploaden.

Photo geotagging software

  • Have a camera with GPS? Your done.
  • Have a picture and no GPS but know where?
    • Locate it with the Google Earth extension trippermap
    • Locate it with the Google Earth extension GETrackr. This is an application to generate geotags for images in Flickr.
    • Locate it with Google Maps in Flickr (GMiF).
  • Have a picture and coordinates (from somewhere) and want to geotag it?
    • ExifTool (Windows standalone, Perl, GUI & Commandline)
  • Have a picture and a GPS (Tracklog)?
    • RoboGeo (Windows only, Demo introduces intentional errors of about one kilometer, 35$)

More infos about photo geotagging