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Einer der beliebtesten "OSM-Daten zu PostgreSQL/PostGIS-DB" Converter und Loader. (Autor: jburgess777(at)googlemail.com).

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osm2pgsql is mainly written for rendering data with data. So it only imports tags which are going to be useful for rendering. These tags are defined in the file 'default.style' (svn, trac). It also manipulates data for mapnik (i.e. placing nodes in the centre of gravity of polygons).


> osm2pgsql -d <pg_database> --hstore <osmdumpname.osm>
> osm2pgsql -c -d liechtenstein -U postgres -W -H localhost -P 5432 -s -k -x -p osm -S default.style ..\liechtenstein.osm.bz2
  • Everything will be automatic after that and the result is ready-to-use PostGIS tables '_point', '_line' and '_polygon' containing OSM data.

Output Database

Original-Dokumentation der Schemata von OSM und Osm2pgsql:

Overview with notes on the Osm2pgsql output schema (default.style):

  • Table group 'OSM original'
    • osm_nodes:
    • osm_ways:
    • osm_rels: The member attribute is an array with IDs, where all node members come first, then all way members, then all relation members, and way_off is the index of the first way member and rel_off the index of the first relation member.
  • Table group 'Osm2pgsql':
    • osm_point: with point geometry
    • osm_line: with polyline geometry
    • osm_polygon: with polygon geometry (one of the unique features of Osm2pgsql!)
    • osm_roads: a special table with polyline geometry