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The goal of a GIS/QGIS portable edition is to provide students and beginners with a ready-installed and configured software that would run in Windows (or Mac or Linux) without the need for emulation or a live CD.

 >> We currently recommend "Portable GIS (incl. QGIS)" << 

German: Siehe auch QGIS-Materialien und QGIS im Geographieunterricht#QGIS_Portable

Portable GIS

  • "Portable GIS" is a windows-only set of open source GIS packages ready to install or copy onto a USB stick, and run with no additional configuration.
  • Download: https://portablegis.xyz/ (June 2017, containing QGIS version 2.18.11 LTR)

Portable QGIS for Schools

  • Minimalistic pre-configured QGIS 3 for Lernstick.
  • Contains lesser Icons/GUI but also plugins like QuickMapServices und Vector Tiles Reader.
  • To be announced.

Older Portable QGIS Editions

"Portable QGIS Swiss Edition" by Sourcepole:

  • Issue date: around March 2016 (Outdated!)
  • Software included: QGIS 2.14, GDAL 2.x, Interlis-Plugin
  • Operating System: Windows, running without installation (also on USB sticks)
  • Download Site (135 MB) by Sourcepole.ch

"Portable GIS" by Archaeogeek:

"QGIS Portable" by Piemonte/IT:

  • QGIS Version 2.6.1, deutsch, mit Daten von Piemont. [1]


  • 2014 gab es die Idee, ein "QGIS Portable für Schulen (deutsch)" zu erstellen, passend zu Windows 32bit, 64bit, Mac (Linux nicht notwendig).