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Agenda DOKODARE Kickoff Kaywa-HSR-Teams 25. March 2008

Technopark Zürich, Meeting Room x

  1. Welcome notes from Mr. Fischer and Mr. Keller
  2. Introduction of everybody
  3. Short proposal of main ideas behind DOKODARE (Mr. Fischer?)
  4. State of work of (i) KAYWA team and (ii) HSR team
  5. Issues General (see below)
  6. Issues HSR project related (see below)
    1. What is crucial?
    2. How to organize work?
    3. Next steps?


Issues DOKODARE General

  • Different usage scenarios for Dokodare?
  • Visuals for the place and presence tag? => Oliver, Chragi?
  • DOKODARE and it's components (Place, ID, Events, Activities...)?
  • Fixed definition of place type and subtype in english and german (Examples: map.search.ch, plazes, any map or tourist travel book etc.)
  • Public relations/Events:
    • How to spread it internationally?
    • Ars Electronica.
    • Eric from Usgang.ch: tagging clubs and bars in Switzerland.
      • I know also people from tillate.ch! Stefan 14:09, 16. Mär. 2008 (CET)

DOKODARE usage scenarios

We use navigational flow diagrams and user stories.

Navigational flow sequence 'presence code':

  1. Scan presence code => I'm visible and I'm at place X
  2. Get info about POI => see Navigational flow sequence 'Info about POI'
  3. Get info about friends nearby / communities => see Navigational flow sequence 'Info about friends nearby'

Navigational flow sequence 'place code':

  1. Scan place code => Where am I? What's nearby? => see Navigational flow sequence 'Info about POI'

Navigational flow sequence 'Info about POI':

  1. POI Screen
    1. Info (text) about current POI
    2. Map
    3. Related keywords
    4. Search what? (keyword search engine?)
  2. Map Screen => Show Map with POIs a,b,c,... (similar - but better - than [1])
  3. Result List: Show result list of 'related keywords' or 'Search what?'

Navigational flow sequence 'Info about friends nearby':

  1. Map Screen => Show Map with friends nearby

Issues HSR project related

  • Business Architecture Sketch showing components, servers and APIs


POI Proposal 1

Take map.search.ch as a german example.

Menu-Inhalte: (* = Hauptmenupunkt)

  • Communities
  • Tourismus
  • Verkehr
    • Bergbahn
    • Parkhaus
    • Tram/Bus
    • Zug
    • Verkehrsinfo
    • Mobility
  • Gastronomie
    • Bar
    • Café
    • Hotel
    • Restaurant
  • Kultur/Freizeit
    • Kino
    • Museum
    • Theater
    • Touren
    • Spielplatz
    • Badeanstalt
    • Sports
  • Öffentl. Gebäude
    • Kirche
    • Polizei
    • Schule, Hochschule
    • Spital
    • Verwaltung
    • Public Toilets
  • Shopping/Service
    • Apotheke/Drogerie
    • Geldautomat
    • Post
    • Shop
    • Tankstelle

POI Proposal 2

Folksonomy approach blended with supervision ('poi admins' and 'system tags'). Users can add multiple categories/keywords (don't confuse barcode tags with keyword tags). POI admins ensure that every POI get's at least one system category/keyword.

See also:

  • OpenStretMap
  • Free Map Prototype or Geonames (w/POI edit and history).
  • Top five main categories from [2] (german): 1. Essen, Trinken und Übernachten; 2. Freizeit und Kultur; 3. Shopping; 4. Verkehr; 5. Öffentliche Gebäude

'System keywords':

  • 5 to 7 main system keywords...
  • Additional important keywords
    • wheelchair => for wheelchair friendly POIs e.g. restaurant/bar, park lot, public toilet.
    • nice => nice foot path/route
  • ...

Open questions regarding keywords, categories, tags:

  • Englisch and/or native? => allow native words but maintain 'system keywords'.
  • Umlauts? => allow umlauts
  • Keyword separator? => take comma as separator in order to allow multiple words
  • Singular/Plural? => prefer plural