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Gamification (dt. "Spielifizierung"): tbd.

For a nice introduction see

Gamification and GIS

"Gamification and Location-based Services" by McKenzie. Vision Statement for the "Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS Workshop", COSIT 2011. [1]

See also chapters about "Gamification and Geographic Data Collection" and "Gamification in OpenStreetMap" below.

Gamification and Geographic Data Collection

  • "Gamification of Geographic Data Collection", by Dražen Odobašić & Damir Medak & Mario Miler; University of Zagreb. In: GI Forum / AGIT 25, 3.-5. June 2013, Salzburg, Page 328. doi: 10.1553/giscience2013s328 (PDF) (visited 2018-07-23).
  • "Gamification der Geodatenerfassung", von Stefan Keller, HSR Hochschule für Technik, Rapperswil; In: AGIT 25, 3.-5. June 2013, Salzburg. (PDF) (visited 2018-07-23).
  • "Life is a Game", Lightning Talk, Stefan Keller, SOTM 13 Birmingham,
  • "Gamifying data entry in OSM - Risk vs. Reward", by Chris Filip, Bulgaria, SOTM 13 Birmingham,
  • "ReMAPTCHA: A Map-based Anti-Spam Method that Helps to Correct OpenStreetMap", by Stefan Keller; HSR Hochschule für Technik, Rapperswil; In: GI Forum / AGIT, July 2014, Salzburg. Web (PDF) (visited 2018-07-23).

Own research:

Gamification and (GI-) Education

  • See
  • "The ‘Gamification’ of GIS for teaching and learning" by Thiemo Romey and Anne Adams, CALRG 2012. [2]
  • "Does Gamification Enhance Geospatial Technology Education?", Blog post by Joe Francica, July 06 2013, Directions Magazine. [3]