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How to convert Tiff to GeoTIFF


How to remove the nodata values from a GeoTIFF?

I find many instructions on how to add the values, but none on how to remove them. => There isn't a direct way of accomplishing this. You could extract a work.vrt file, then manually edit it and remove the line(s) with the NoDataValue tags. Then convert back to geotiff:

 % gdal_translate -of VRT your.tif work.vrt
 % gdal_translate work.vrt fixed_your.tif

"cloud optimized" GeoTIFF

General information

creation: GeoTIFF to "cloud optimized GeoTIFF

(According to above talk, 00:11:14)

Create internal overviews (if not already created)

 gdaladdo -r average in.tif 2 4 8 16


 gdal_translate in.tif out.tif \
   -co TILED=YES \

Host result on server supporting HTTP 1.1 Range Requests (Byte Serving). (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure all support this.) uses -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE instead of -co COMPRESS=LZW. According to, either can be used.


 gdalinfo /vsicurl/

will only HTTP GET the beginning of the file (with the metadata), not the complete GeoTIFF. Some other software supports this as well. Also fetching only up to the neede overview when viewing data "zoomed out".