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OSM Pong Mockup
Pac Man with Metro Distortion Map

This is about a small project about the development of a game for QGIS (as Python plugin/PyQGIS).

See also: QGIS

We're currently in incepton phase! Goal is a first release before June 2014!

Here are some initial ideas for brainstorming:

  • Quiz
  • Pac Man (Arcade style)
    • on generated and self-edited labyrinth
    • a la Metro Distortion Map [1]. (See figure to the right)
  • OSM Pong (Arcade style, for two players on one keyboard): Playing inside an OpenStreetMap area; sidetracked ball (aka "coriolis effect") gives higher game level. (See figureto the right).
  • Gold Digger
  • A gamified enhancement of data capturing and editing, where one gets acoustic feedback and credit points for each added geographic (point, line or polygon) feature ("Serious game" style)
  • Adapt a game from GBanga [2]
  • Adapt a game from Bitforge [3]

Quiz Plugin

Geography Quiz

See QGIS Quiz Plugin and image to the right (taken from: [4])