Webinar Making Maps from OpenStreetMap Data

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  • Title: "Making Maps from OpenStreetMap Data"
  • by Prof. Stefan Keller
  • A UNIGIS International u_Lecture (Webinar)
  • Date/Time: Monday, June 10, 2014, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM CEST

Contents: This presentation shows how to make own maps given some amount of cartographic knowledge and the established crowdsourcing geospatial data project OpenStreetMap (OSM). The combination of freely accessible worldwide OSM data and open source tools empower people to do cartographic visualization. A core element of this presentation is a handbook(*) with selected software tools and programming scripts. First we go through the steps and tools needed to produce a base or a thematic map provided by a gallery of predefined map styles. Then we look at some yet to be enhanced aspects of preprocessing like database (tag) homogenization and cartographic generalization.

 Handbook (*): Making Maps from OpenStreetMap Data (internal weblink)
 Handout: Slides (.pdf)‎
 Recorded Lecture: Video (Youtube)

Ressources mentioned in the online lecture:

  • OSM data download:
  • Data Conversion:
  • Cartographic visualization and rendering:
    • umap - Easy web mapping: Example of umap
    • QGIS - GIS and universal desktop conversion, editing and rendering tool (uses OGR internally)
    • TileMill - Desktop rendering tool, "the design studio for web designers, researchers, journalists and cartographers.
  • Cartographic generalization and conversion:

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