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Neo Map app screen showing rotated map and a POI.

NeoMap - View OpenStreetMap offline on Android smartphones and share own raster maps in the cloud.

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NeoMap is both a Map Sharing Website and a Mobile App for Android.

  • The NeoApp Map Sharing Website allows the sharing of (open data) raster maps and has a open API. There exist desktop tools like Google Earth to help you adding own maps.
  • The NeoMap App is an offline Android application which uses GPS to display the users position on a georeferenced raster map or plan. It can also be used as an online app which uses OpenStreetMap tiles as map source.
  • Both applications are licensed under the MIT license. Without further indications the license of public maps is CC-BY-SA ([1]).

In the near future NeoMap App will be used as a showcase to demonstrate the abilities of the Indoor Wireless Positioning System (IPS). It uses special libraries like IndoorWPSlib/IndoorWPSandroid.