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Programm und Open Source-Projekt für einen Kartenserver. Dieser kann - im Gegensatz zum UMN MapServer - speziell auch zur Aktualisierung von Vektordaten (WFS-T) verwendet werden.

GeoServer ist in Java geschrieben und nutzt verschiedene Basisbibliotheken, wie z.B. die Java Topology Suite (JTS). Der GeoServer kann kein WMS als Datenquelle lesen.

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Software und Tools

How To Install

  • run Tomcat with export JAVA_OPTS='-Djava.awt.headless=true' (see GEOSDOC)
  • deploy it in webapps by moving the war file there and restart Tomcat

High performance coverage/raster data serving:

  • To use a geoserver in a production environnent (i.e. with large raster data), the documentation GEOSDOC tells that the JAI extension should be natively installed.
  • The documentation also says that the best file format to use is tiled GeoTIFF.
  • See GDAL and GEOSDOC




Tipps & Tricks:

  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space problems: On JVM (within Tomcat) to "-Xms48m -Xmx256M -XX:MaxPermSize=128m"
  • Given several points with a point symbolizer using an external graphic (icon), icons may overlap. How can I avoid this? Answer: SLD does not have official support for this but you can use a TextSymbolizer extension we added to get something similar. Basically TextSymbolizer in GeoServer also accepts a Graphics object, so if you use an empty label (single space using a CDATA section so that it won't be eaten away) and the graphics you should get what you're looking for.
  • The way to ensure a certain rendering order is by using separate FeatureTypeStyle elements in your SLD. Put all the road outlines in a separate FTS that occurs first in the document.
  • Howto use a SLD within a request? This requires some matching between the SLD and the layer. You have to give the NamedLayer the proper name: <Name>topp:shape_CH</Name> and then either: mark the style as the default one (<UserStyle> should have <default>true</default> element) - or give the user style a name and refer to it in your request (&sld=...&styles=styleName). As a final alternative, don't mention neither the layer names and styles in the GetMap request and put everything in the SLD with proper names.

Was sind die Datenquellen von GeoServer?




  • <geoserver-path>\WEB-INF\web.xml
  • XML...



Der GeoServer kann u.a. ...:

Der GeoServer kann u.a. (noch) *keine*...:

  • keine Shapefiles einlesen (lieber ab DB)