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This page tries to collect information about maps visualized in vintage style. This means, they look like an old sketchy map, a treasure map (de: Schatzkarte) or a pirate map (de: Piratenkarte), but with own or actual data.

Treasure Map HSR - A Treasure-Map, created for the HSR AppQuest 2013: See Making Maps from OpenStreetMap Data.



Showcases and Tipps:

Making boundaries (like from buildings) to make a hand-made effect:

  • See 'jitter_geometry()' expression function in Expressions Plus Plugin for QGIS.
  • A ‘sketchy’ look to lines can be achieved by overlaying a number of line attachments with different smoothing values applied. By smoothing higher values, the lines are overlaid using the ‘multiply’ compositing operation. This make areas that overlap more appear darker.
 ::outline1, ::outline2, ::outline3, ::outline4 {
   line-join: round;
   line-smooth: 0.05; 
   line-width: 0.5;
 ::outline1{ line-smooth: 0.04; }
 ::outline2{ line-smooth: 0.06; }
 ::outline3{ line-smooth: 0.08; }
 ::outline4{ line-smooth: 0.10; }

Suitable fonts/typefaces:


  • For a pirate/vintage map, it is important to have plenty of POIs (like bars/restaurants/gardens) and have an "old fashioned" design icon and style it on the map.

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