Geoprocessing mit Python

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See also Python.


Community Help about Python on gis.stackexchange.


  • Buch "Python Geo Spatial Development", by Erik Westra, Packt Publishing (Dec 2010), [Paperback], 508 pages. ISBN-10: 1849511543, ISBN-13: 978-1849511544. [1]
  • Geoprocessing mit Python und PostGIS.
  • Geoprocessing mit Python und Open Source GIS: Siehe z.B. Vorlesung "Geoprocessing with Python using Open Source GIS" by Chris Garrard, Utah State University, [2].

Web Processing Services (WPS):

  • PyWPS Web Processing Service ([3]): PyWPS is a Python program which implements the OGC WPS 1.0.0 standard (with a few omissions). PyWPS has a low footprint, making it easy to install. Python was considered a good choice of implementation language as it is a very easy language to develop in and allows partners to easily integrate existing processing which may have been written in other languages.
  • WebProcessingServer ([4])


OGR mit Python programmieren


GDAL mit Python programmieren

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